You Can Buy It On eBay But Not Sell It


My wife and I have been buying and selling on Ebay and using PayPal for over 10 years. We have over 670 transactions with a 100% positive feedback rating through eBay. We recently purchased 35 Carolina Panthers Jerseys using our PayPal account from a website that specifically stated that their jerseys are 100% authentic and "officially licensed". They were an aproved PayPal website.  We purchased these jerseys with 100% confidence because of Paypal's $0 liability Buyer Protection.

We had since listed them on Ebay to sell. When the jerseys came in they had the official NFL seal and by all means, looked official, and included embroidered/sewn lettering. We had no way of knowing the jerseys could potentially be counterfeit based on our research and purchase through the Paypal website.  However, after purchasing them and lisitng them on ebay, our listings were removed and we were completely suspended from Ebay because of selling the jerseys we bought using eBay partner website, PayPal. We were told by eBay yesterday the reason was because another seller of similar jerseys reported and flagged the items.
Until yesterday, we had no idea why this took place. After emailing Ebay several times, and calling them repeatedly... we finally were able to speak with an agent from the eBay CEO's office. Initially, I was told that I would receive a response back within 24 to 72 hours, but didn't get one. I was finally told, (during the last phone call) that our account would be fully reinstated.  We have since received confirmation with ebay and it is.  We, like most good people, WERE AND ARE NOT purposely trying to deceive someone or do something illegal. But, due to these issues, we began refunding the buyers money that bought the jerseys through Paypal. We have since stopped selling and shipping these jerseys. We presently have 21 left.
Here's our present delimma. PayPal still has a limit on our account due to ebay violations, though our account has been fully reinstated with ebay.
We want to continue buying and selling on Ebay and using PayPal.  We would like to get our full refund and have the limit removed from our PayPal account. We have filed a claim through Paypal against the seller as well. Yet, Paypal wants us to pay to ship the remaining items back to the seller, which we were more than willing to do to receive our refund. However, yesterday we found out it would cost over $320 to send them back with signature confirmation to the seller. $320.00!!! That is 40% of the total purchase price!!! We understand we can't keep the Jerseys AND receive a refund but $320 to ship items back is unreasonable.  PayPal has given us no other alternative.
Why are we continually being punished for this? Why are others allowed to sell jerseys on Ebay, but our PayPal account has been completely, indefinitely, limited???  We were told by a Monica, operator 42830, that she would call us back yesterday and we have yet to hear from her on the latest status of our claim.  We were told by her that Paypal had chosen to "part ways" with us and could no longer help us, though we have an open claim with them... At this point, we are prepared to turn the jerseys over to the local authorities if no realistic resolution is given to us through PayPal.  Their representatives are not helping.
After so many years using Ebay and Paypal with 100% feedback rating and NEVER ANY ISSUES, AND since our account has been reinstated with eBay, we would expect better treatment and understanding of our present situation by PayPal employees. This entire issue has been very frustrating, scary, and exhausting.  It leaves us with a very bad taste in our mouth for PayPal..      


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