Worried Paypal Will Not Protect Me


I am currently worried after reading on your site about how bad PayPal aucks in protecting the sellers.

I recently sold a Macbook Pro (which I had for xmas), a brand new iPhone 3Gs (which was a friends phone that he asked me to sell) an iPad (which was also brand xmas present) and an iPhone 4 (which was one of my unwanted upgrades) I sold all these as I basically just needed the money. I listed the items and they have a total sale of around £2300.

I listed the items with 1st Class Standard as the delivery method (no proof of posting), so they asked if the items could be sent by Special Delievry (which has proof of posting).

So I agreed to send them by Special delivery however, as I couldn't get to the post office to send them (and the buyers obviously wanted the items urgently) I asked my friend to send them, however, she accidentally sent them by first class (with no proof of posting).

The problem is, the buyers have all messaged me saying that they still haven't recieved their items 5 working days later. This is worrying me a little, as obviously PayPal will end up giving them their money back and making my PayPal account -£2300.

As I sold these items to pay off bills, I no longer have the money, I am just scared that PayPal will either:

1. Effect my credit rating
2. Bring in the bailiffs/debt collectors
3. Take me to court

Should I be worried? I think it is disgusting how PayPal will go in favour of the buyer, even though they bidded on the item knowing it was being sent via 1st Class Standard with no tracking.

I am happy to pay PayPal back so much a month, even though this can't be a huge amount each month as I am on a low income.

Any advice?




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