Will Never Use PayPal Again


 I'm a seller.  I'm just a guy who sells from home.
I've never had negative feedback and always maintained a good rapport with all my buyers.
Two buyers bought multiple items from me and paid via paypal.  Positive feedback was posted to me and they buyers were happy with all their items.
They then opened a dispute on Paypal saying they didn't authorize the transaction.
So after two weeks of Paypal faffing about, me uploading all the proof and evidence they could ever need, paypal sided with these buyers clearly taking advantage of the system.
Am I to believe that they buy multiple items each and then people not only stole their paypal login credentials but also their ebay ones and took the time to leave positive feedback.
Needless to say I have made the decision to never use Paypal again.  I've lost my property and the money paid for them, simply because of Paypal.
I've had enough of being abused as a seller.  It's such a shame.



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