Want My Email Address Removed

My future ex husband set up a PayPal account using my employment email address.  I tried to have this cancelled because he refuses to have my email address removed.  Such a simple request, right?  WRONG!  I get some sort of automated "person" on a chat screen, explain the issue and get multiple choice answers.  Look, I wasn't asking for a test on my knowledge, I want my email address removed. 

When I said that, the reply read "Don't be rude".  Geez, yeah sure.  You be hounded by PayPal emails at your place of employment, and the account is not even yours, and tell me what your attitude would be like.  So what happens??  Absolutely nothing!!  I have no knowledge of the information he has on his account so I can not answer the questions.  So I will continue to receive emails from them.  NO!! Wait a minute.  I will go into the email and "Block" them. Should this be necessary?  Should a simple request of removing an email address, which is being used without your consent, be this much of a hassle?  I bet PayPal has bridges for sale too.

Ona Olsen


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