Using eBay Was A Bad Idea


I put one item on ebay. I normally do not use ebay, but this time I did, which was a bad idea.
Anyways, this guy contacted me and showed interest. He asked me to send a PayPal money request, so I did. And he paid me. So I shipped him the item to the address he asked me to send. I kindly sent it to the address he asked me to send.
A couple of days later, the payment was reversed. It turns out that the buyer registered PayPal with a stolen card. The real card holder disputed the charge, so he got his money back.
However, I am now left with negative balance of over 2000$. The buyer received the item and I still have the proof of delivery. I called PayPal, and they told me I have to pay them back. They told me that they don't protect me against this kind of fraudulent situations.
I asked them if they don't protect this type of cases, then wouldn't anyone can register PayPal account with someone else's card and engage in the same fraudulent activity, the customer service said it is a possibility.
I would like to seek any action I can take to handle this situation.
I hate PayPal!!
I looked up on the internet, and how come no one is suing PayPal? We should all sue PayPal collectively!!


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