Unwilling To Help


Hi, I’ve found this site through Google after experiencing paypals we can do what we want when we want attitude today, I currently run an ebay shop and after 4 months of trading paypal have froze my account and suspended my ebay shop and asked me to upload copies of my passport, bank statements, supplier invoices etc to them, basically everything someone would need for identity fraud!!!  I’ve done this as i want to keep my ebay shop open, and now they tell me there is an unpaid amount on a old paypal account that needs paying before the current account can be unfrozen. The unpaid amount is from 2007 i sold a phone on ebay and the person that bought the phone committed fraud and paypal are charging me £165!! I’ve gone round in circles on the telephone with paypal I just get the same response "I was not covered for this transaction" I thought paypal was there to protect sellers and buyers??


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