Unfair Treatment By PayPal


I traded with PayPal for over 9 months in that time I had no charge backs and had my account suspended 3 times for a security review. I passed all there questions then 1 day they froze my account and told me I HAD BEEN TRADIONG IN COUNTERFIET PRODUCTS. I sell E-Books which I write myself go figure that out. I told them this on the phone and the little shit turned round and said yeah right so what are you Stephen King I'm sure you really write them. I asked to be put through to a line manager and he said yeah right I can handle this call then hung up,Cocky shit. Then an email from PayPal told me that they were holding onto my £4,219 for 90 days and if I was lucky they might return it. It's illegal. I passed all there checks and never had a single chargeback!


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