Unable To Refund Money

 I am on a fixed income. Sometimes i have to try and sell something in order to get something i would like to have. I have done over 53 buy and sell things on ebay. I know ebay and paypal are the very same company. It does not do any good at all to email them, all you get back is what i call a form email. I sold some things on ebay and than all of a sudden they want to hold my money until i ship it out and wait for the person to leave a feedback before i can use my money. I have a good record on ebay with no Neg. Feedback's. When i first started they did not hold my money. I have had to refund money back to people because i can not afford to go to the post office and pay to ship. I always used paypal to pay for shipping. I have one person that i need to refund his money back and i can not do it because they are holding my money. So i guess i will get kicked off of ebay because i could not refund this person money. Any thing at all that you know of that i can do?



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