Took Seller To Court


In February I purchased a record deck off ebay £500 - arrived smashed - went through normal procedure of complaining  to paypal  - even paid £25 for 'specialist' report which basically said it was totalled or beyond economical repair - yet after five days paypal agreed with seller and unfroze his account - it has taken me until yesterday (7th Dec 2011) to resolve and get justice in the matter in the small claims court where they agreed with me and issued a nice £1,380 judgement on the seller - now I have been through absolute hell the past eight or nine months and I want some form of compensation from paypal for gross incompetence in handling my claim - they obviously sided with a man that had 190 feedback comments with 2 negs and three neutrals in two weeks  plus he was using a fake registered name rather than a genuine buyer that had 750 positive feedback comments with no negs or neutrals
So I am seeking advice for the best way forward - thanks


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