Took 14% Of Everything I sold


First of all I'm a legitment business man.  I had sold thousands of dollars worth of stuff while e-bay and paypal who are the same people skimmed 14 percent of everything i sold.  I was willing to live with that, but they suspended my account after over a thousand good honest transactions.  My grandmother died and I left town for a week and when I returned home someone of middle eastern dissent called me and told me they were shutting down my e-bay account but please still buy from us, very insulting to say the least.  I asked this foreigner why and he said that i had a couple of strikes against my paypal.  I politely asked him if I could get it reinstated and he said to take my business elsewhere and repeated keep buying from us.  This guy was clearly reading a script.  I called tons of numbers trying to get in touch with e-bay and pay-pal but my calls were intenionally ignored.  They illegally skimmed out funds of my other listings I had current on e-bay through paypal.  I was also a high end e-bay stock holder and I know first hand they say fraud is very scarce to their stockholders so they will have confidence in the stocks and then rip the very people off that put them in business to begin with.  Scott Thompson who is very crooked is the chief executive officer of this corrupt organization they profited 1.5 billion dollars from articles I have read.  I have communicated with many other people who have the same problems with e-bay and paypal.  They also illegally hold funds limit you from what you can do unless you type in your private bank account numbers and credit cards this is done intentionally as well or they restrict you to making a thousand dollars a month which they take 14 percent of anyways so why would they hold funds for months and months. Scott Thompson should be held accountable for his monopoly and stop letting all the lies pile on top of each other.  Sellers have no rights on e-bay so buyers if they get pissed off with you can say and lie about pretty much anything they want to and I'm sure Scotty is very aware of all this.  They are currently holding over 150 dollars from me now for over a year.  I will soon file suit on them.


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