They Robbed Me


In two separate incidents, PayPal "Dispute Resolution" employees acted in cahoots with scam artists to help facilitate the return of the two buyers' money after they had received the items purchased, which cost approximately $277 and $387, respectively. The man alleges that PayPal's employees are either active participants or at the very best criminally negligent in providing full refunds to customers whom the business owner was able to provide irrefutable proof had received the brand-new merchandise he claims had never been removed from the manufacturer's original packaging. To make matters worse, U.S. Postal Service records indicate that both packages were in fact successfully delivered within two-to-three days of the respective purchases.
The small business owner also claims to have a receipt showing proof that insurance was purchased on the first shipment for $277 (the value of the merchandise), and that he cannot redeem the insurance policy to recoup his funds due to the fact that the shipments both reached their intended destinations in a timely manner, sustaining no damage whatsoever in the process. Nothing whatsoever occurred to justify the reprehensible actions of the PayPal employees, whom the circumstantial evidence strongly suggests were active participants in the scheme.
Because the employees were provided with indisputable proof that the seller fulfilled all of his company's obligations as it related to the two sales in question, the fact that the employees nonetheless went on to steal the money issued as payment for the merchandise which was successfully delivered, coupled with the absence of a motive other than profit, strongly implicates the members of PayPal's "dispute resolution team" as likely active participants in the fraudulent scam.
That it happened twice, both times with the same result despite the seller providing proof of fulfillment of responsibilities on the behalf of his company, is further evidence that there are individuals employed by PayPal whose jobs empower them to take money from merchants' accounts are doing just that --- and doing it in a manner that is criminal in nature and intent.
What does the man intend to do about PayPal's defrauding his business out of $640, then hiding behind a ridiculously long and incomprehensible legal agreement upon the company learning of the criminal acts committed by its employees in coordination with the traditional scam artists?


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