The Dark Side Of eBay

I like many started buying on eBay and used my pay pal account to make purchases which I didn't encounter any issues. It wasn't until I started selling eBay and receiving payments through my pay pal account, that I discovered a dark world of thieves, liars and just plain unfair. I was a small time seller, selling my gently or new designer clothes to buy new designer clothes for myself, like exchanging is what I imagined it. I would only use my pay pal balance for purchases which helped me save money and not rely on my parents to help me with school. I met a lot of great sellers and buyers but it was the people running the show, those are the ones I should have looked out for. I might of had a difficult buyer here and there but they were nothing compared to the way pay pal and eBay treated me. We hold your money until the item is delivered or feedback is left for the transaction, good luck with that. So I printed all shipping labels from eBay or pay pal website so it uploaded tracking but still I was calling every other day to get my money even after the item was received or positive feedback was left their reason is the system, this and that. I would think about other online company's such as Victoria Secret (I sold and bought mostly this brand) if the credit card I used to pay them for merchandise they are sending me and my credit card company tells them you won't get the money until item is delivered with proof or feedback was left, they wouldn't be in business it would be a nightmare. I put up with this because they said they would lift my holds once I receive 100 positive feedback well even then they had a reason not to, you need to be a seller for at least 6 months. Well stupid me still continued selling on ebay and using pay pal. I couldn't believe how much I was paying them in fees and how poorly they treated me when I needed help. I had purchased an item from someone probably 6 months before I decided to sell on eBay well the item was not as described they mailed it in a Stoffers TV dinner box so it stunk well I asked them if I could send it back and receive a refund, she flipped out so I opened a dispute and won because ebay does nothing to protect sellers and everything to help the buyers. Well this lady remembered me and I didn't remember her and purchased a brand new comforter and hoodie from me. She actually didn't give me trouble in the beginning and she was trying to resell the items at a ridiculous price on another eBay account she had, how did I know this because she used my pics I took to list the items. Well she was mad that she couldn't resell the item for a crazy high price like she thought she would and took it out on me. She opened a case on just the comforter at first and said it wasnt new, even though she tried to resell it listing it as new and I had the receipt do I asked eBay where do I submit my evidence that this item is new and this lady is lying. They said don't worry about it you will win the appeal your a great seller. Well next day it said that I have to refund the buyer once I receive the item. I couldn't believe that I had solid proof she was lying and they gave me no chance to prove that and lied to me. So I said fine which I had no other choice because she has to pay to return it to me which was well over $15 and I could relist which I did and sold for more so in a way I did win. I blocked this buyer and moved on well a week later I see another dispute by this same lady but it is for the hoodie she purchased along with the comforter, she said it was cut up, even though she kept listing it at a high price using my pics. eBay still settled in her favor, you tell me why wouldn't you send both items back at the same time if both items are not as described, you wouldn't if you were sane and being honest. eBay still fell for it and she sent it back and there were no cuts. A week later she sent me an email saying I told you I'd get you back. How did she really get me back she had to pay about $25 to send the items back and didn't get that back, and she helped me see the true ebay and pay pal. I knew they liked to freeze accounts and cause issues for people so I left quietly and just never kept more than $5 in the account and the bank account was a savings account I opened only to use it for pay pal, you have to in order to be a seller or apply for their card. Point is they are just looking out for themselves and looking for any way to screw over the little guy but if you get a ton of little guys together you can make a difference. I applaud this site and those who share their stories, wish I would have found this earlier but you live and you learn. Thanks


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