Terrible Customer Service And Idiotic Policies


Been on eBay for approx 8 years with almost 10,000 feedback - we are an honest and fair business. Our selling account has been indefinitely restricted over 3 months ago, due to approx 10 disputes opened around 3 months before our evaluation. Our sales had dropped through various things which I explained to ebay, my wife's father had a heart attack, dog had 6 pups, house renovations, my wife had suspected stroke/bleed on the brain. Has been one of the worst years we have had!!! (and it got worse). As for the disputes - Items missing in post we had proof, auction descriptions had not been read by buyer, even a reversed payment to us went against us!! feedback (99.9%) and DSR (4.8/4.9's) ratings were fine. Explained several times and offered proof from hospitals and proofs of postage - I was told this still stands but we can use our account to buy and leave feedback!!! Most insulting were told they have to keep eBay "safe"?? I am a tax registered business, I did not set up my business on eBay to buy goods, defraud or sell counterfit goods. This was to pay my bills and provide an income for my family, and to be there for my autistic son. I was also told I or my wife could not set up another account, and anybody suspected of selling our goods (£1000's of stock bought specifically for eBay) would have their account suspended. The concept of eBay was superb but has been ruined by terrible customer service and idiotic policies. 


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