Sold Real Prada Bag On eBay


I sold an authentic Prada Bag on eBay that I had purchased on eBay myself. My buyer (New to eBay with a 7 feedback) claimed the Bag was a fake and opened up a case with PayPal. PayPal withdrew 200.00 from my account and held it. I contacted the girl that i purchased it from and she told me that the Bag was indeed authentic and that the person she bought it from (through eBay as well) had the Bag authenticated at the Prada store in CA. She sent an email to eBay telling them that the Bag was authentic. I got it touch with the original seller via telephone, who has a boutique in California (where the Bag originated from) and told her about my situation. She told me that she had taken that Bag into the Prada store and had it authenticated and that the buyer did not have a leg to stand on. She them faxed a letter on her boutique's (Sequels) letterhead stating that the Bag was indeed authentic. At this point I had 2 documentations sent in my favor. Three of us sellers claiming that the Bag was authentic and proof of authenticity.
Three weeks went by and today I receive an email stating that my buyer has won her case and that she will be awarded the $200 refund.
I can not believe it! How does that happen?
I called PayPal and spoke with 4 different people. I was told that the case was now closed and that the buyer was getting a refund but that she had to send the Bag back to me in it's original condition. PayPal told me that the buyer had provided documentation as well but refused to tell me what it was or where it came from. I spoke with a PayPal manager and asked him " If the buyers reason for wanting a refund is because the Bag is fake and you are awarding her a refund, then you are saying that my Bag is fake as well and you are calling all three of us sellers liars" He then said that PayPal is not claiming that the Bag is authentic or fake.
So why then is this buyer receiving a refund?
I also asked him "If you find that a Bag is a fake, don't you by law have to have it destroyed?" He answered by saying that the buyer is required to ship it back to me in the same condition as she received it.
This entire thing makes no sense whatsoever!
I guess if you are an eBay seller and you have a "No Refund" Policy it doesn't mean that!
Needless to say I feel like pulling everything that I have listed off of eBay and never do business with them or PayPal!!!

Thank you for your time.
Kind Regards,
Melinda S


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