Sold Real Coach Frames To Buyer In China


Sold my REAL Coach glasses frames (I am an optician & bought these from my Coach rep). Buyer was in China. Tracking showed pkg got to Shanghai. Buyer immediately claimed "pkg never arrived" (YEA RIGHT!!). He didn't wait & filed immediately (thats how I know he DID get them!)Paypal took everything in my PP acct minus an amount I had used to pay for other shipping. They GAVE that $ back so the "buyer" kept my $400 frames AND got them for FREE. Due to the balance I used for shipping not having been in my PP acct at the time they dipped their dirty mitts in I was left with a negative balance. I refused to pay that Chinese crook ANY more money to STEAL from me and thus, PP locked my account. I now have a new PP acct, but cannot link my checking acct to it because they say "this bank cannot be linked to any more PP accts". And that leaves me in a real bind! Can't pay for shipping...can't get "verified",...etc. And PP won't allow me to unlink the now closed bank account. WTF?! 


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