Sellers Get Screwed Over And Over


They have on several ocaissaons given back payment to customers that never returned the goods to us as they had stated they were not what they wanted or not as described.
Or they went missing in the post, yet it would seem the next door neighbour signed for the goods.
We have lost a lot of hard earned money & now at present they have frozen my account.
Yet the money is not linked to any dispute as these are either refunded or have been settled & are always taken from the current funds in the account anyway.Yet how gives them the right to hold these funds.
So I am glad that you have a great site letting others know to stay well clear of Paypal if they do on-line business.
I know of at least ten other business's that I have spoken to saying they never ever again would use paypal, as the payment option for their website & some have even closed up their on-line shops because of the troubles they have had & the amount of monies lost.
It is time that perhaps a Government body took the bull by the horns & put a ombudsman to look over their shoulder & take a few million off them.


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