Screwed Without Feedback


Hello there
Some of you may know the new policy that PayPal are doing to make the site a safer place. The Holding funds until you get good feedback for your items that you sold on Ebay.
Truth be told i feel victimized by PayPal for having a less than 100 feedback report (i have 73 at the minute). I have been on Ebay for over 5 years with the same account and started selling some stuff on there about 4 years ago. I have had 2 disputes opened by buyers for items not received (postage problem not mine) both resolved quickly. I just don't see how PayPal can get away with holding money that is not legally there's in the first place for 21 days. I read that you only get the funds when feedback for the item is left (some buyers don't leave FB for over 2 weeks or more) or you can prove that you posted said item with a tracking number.
This seems unfair to the honest sellers out there. I have seen the trading Standers in the UK are looking in to unfair practice from PayPal as the funds are being held with out permission of the buyer (The buyer dose not know the funds are being held) and seller.


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