Sales Increased And Account Got Frozen


Recently, because of financial difficulties, I became a much more active seller. Most of ebay and paypal experience had been as a buyer. But I had sold one or two things before. This was a fairly new account. Due to a couple of previous problems with viruses on my PC, I had to shut down two other accounts in the past. But the address on my accounts remained constant. So, I had a history with both ebay and paypal. It wasn't as if my new selling activity was as a completely member. As a seller and a buyer, I have a record of 100% positive  feedback. The money I was going to be making was going to help me pay my bills. I was overdrawn at the bank, behind in credit payments and was desperate for money. Once I started making sales, I thought I could relax just a little bit and quickly catch up on the money I owe. But pay pal informs me they are freezing my funds and won't transfer the money to my bank. They say they did this to protect my buyers. Which I happen to think is a big pile of unfiltered crap. I contacted my buyers and they did not understand this policy either. At one point, I had $200 in my pal pal account and couldn't have any of it. I filed complaints with both Consumer Affairs and the BBB. Eventually, they started transferring funds to my bank. But even then they do it one transaction at a time.This is despite the fact that I pay for postage right on ebay and ship every order within one day. This is despite the fact that everyone of my buyers received their orders in less than a week except one. And that one was an international shipment to Canada. All of my feedback has been positive. Yet, there is still over $150 sitting frozen in my pay pal account. Like many middle men, pay pay is being arbitrarily and excessively obnoxious.


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