Ridiculous Request


Random holds of funds for no reason despite 100% positive feedback. Contacted customer Service was xferred to a supervisor in beginning of Oct who released the holds on items that had been delivered. Holds didnt happen again for another 8 completed paid and delivered transactions. Now the hold is back despite more 100% positive feedback.
Called customer service again. Agent sz hold reason is because of 3 criteria not being met. 1-100% positive feedback 2-25 positive feedbacks left in the selling category within 6 months 3-4.5 stars in detailed seller ratings
After this explanation I asked for a supervisor and was disconnected from the call.
First of all, I have 100% positive feedback. Second, if the 25 people that I've transacted with in the past month ever decided to leave feedback I would meet this criteria. Lastly, asking for anyone to leave feedback is difficult enough let alone asking them to click the stars.
I mean really, really? How much more is it gonna take to understand that this company is inflating thier coffers to gain investments by means of holding our funds. This is a crime and needs to be reported to the SEC by the masses. Remember Enron? This is the same shit!


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