Permanent Account Closure


To Whom it May Concern,
I received an email notification from out of nowhere on 31st December 2011 with the following stating reference code PP-001-610-233-921


Permanent account closure
Dear Shane Lord,
Were sorry to let you know that the use of your account is not in accordance with the terms and conditions of our User Agreement. As a result, weve limited access to and will be closing your PayPal account.
Whats the problem?
Our system has detected that you have multiple PayPal accounts, and one or more of these accounts have been closed for engaging in activities that do not comply with our policies. The issue could be:
1. Excessive buyer complaints for:
a. merchandise or services not delivered or significantly not as described; or
b. payments you received which your buyers did not authorise/approve to be made; or
2. Negative balance(s) due to insufficient funds to cover refunds for claims or chargebacks awarded in favour of the buyer; or
3. A violation of another PayPal policy or agreement you have with us.
What does this mean?
You will no longer be able to use PayPals services to send or receive payments with this account or your other accounts which have been closed. However, you can still log in to view your transaction history.
You will also be unable to open further PayPal accounts as we are unable to provide future services to you.
As far as I am aware, none of the above apply to me.

1. I have only one Paypal account, and I have no buyer complaints on eBay, all goods have been provided and all money has been legitimately provided or received.
2. I have sufficient funds in the accounts attached to my Paypal account
This is unclear - I do not understand how I could have breached some other policy or agreement with you, especially as you have not provided information on what I have or have not done.
3. I am a long standing Paypal user, using it for purchases and sales on eBay, transferring funds to my friends and other transactions for which Paypal allows.
Based on this I made a call to your customer service today to try and resolve this, and was told that this decision was made on an internal investigation you made and this decision is final and your customer service representative was apologetic but could do nothing and could provide no information on why this decision was made.
You have treated me, a long standing Paypal user, with complete disdain and disrespect, and have made an ultimate decision based on the information you have at hand (not shared with me) without any communication with me and with minimal capability for recourse or conversation.
As a logical minded individual, investigating from my side the only thing that has changed is my wife has tried reactivating her own Paypal account recently. As we share a bank account and credit card account (as most married people do) I can only assume this may have been seen as one person running two accounts or similar. A quick phone call to clarify would have discovered this. If this is not the case of your dispute with me, I look forward to receiving more information so I can continue to use Paypal as I have for over the last 10 years.
I would also like to list this legally as a FORMAL COMPLAINT in regards to this being the worst customer service any company has provided me in my 37 years on this planet. If there is anything you as a company need to work on to endear your customers to you and make them want to keep dealing with you in the future, this should be number 1 through to 10 on your top 10 things to do better list.
I expect a response with actionable information via phone or email within the next 5 business days. If no response is provided I will have no option but to take this to the relevant government agencies for consumer protection as well as my state or national financial market ombudsman.
Sincerely yours,

Shane Lord


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