Paypal Not Safe Way To Purchase

Hi Everyone,

Just here to see how many of you have had the same problem as me. This is the second time pay pal has caused me to pay overdrawn fees.Pay Pal says that if there is not enough money in your account that it can be backed up by your credit card. Well, the first time I chose this option, I had an over draft as they run your amount twice before they take it from your credit card. So, there is the $30.00 overdraft fee and what ever else owed on your balance. So, I called and was told that is the way it works and if I want it taken from my credit card I will have to change the main withdrawal as my credit card. So, I did this. I chose the method of payment as credit card. I do not make many purchases and did not make one for a few months. I recently made a puchchase and chose credit card as my form of payment. Today I receive a call from my bank letting me know there is an overdraft from my checking account (I have an account set up for paypal only. I know there are not enough funds in that account so naturally I chose credit card option).

I immediatly called paypay and was told that the purchase was taken from my bank account. I once again explained what was relayed to me last time this happened, and I never chose bank account first that I selected credit card. Now, I am told well if you want that method you have to check that method then go into another page and change it to credit card each time you make a purchase or it reverts back to bank account.

So, I say PayPal is not the SAFE way to make a purchase if the terms are not explained clearly. Why state if there are not enough funds in the bank account, the funds will be taken out of credit card? If the funds are not there the first time, guess what? They are probably not going to be there the second time and the client will be charged a $30 over draft fee. If the funds are not there the first time it would appear from the way the options are given that the money will be taken from your credit card.

In addition, if you are given the option to change the main way of withdrawing funds and you check credit card, it would seem to the client that is how it will be done especially if you are not told that you have to do this each time a transaction is made. So, I ask how many of you have had the same problem?

Joyce Miller


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