Paypals Way Is Anything But Conducive


Doing business the "Paypal" way is anything but conducive to smooth business.  We've been in business for over ten years, and, unfortunately, have had to utilize Paypal as our "preferred" payment option.  Like many, we've faced countless "random" account freezes, holds, restrictions, most applied for no valid reason.  We're an eBay Top Rated Power Seller (Gold), and despite the massive volume of sales we deliver to eBay/Paypal, and, a feedback rate of 99.9%, as well as DSR ratings that give us the prestigious "Top Seller" badge, Paypal still continues to badger us, with random, and questionable account holds/freezes from time to time.

I'd say the worst thing about having a Paypal account, is the uncertainty that comes prepackaged with one.  It's like dating a person who's had a history of infidelity.  You know it's only a matter of time before you wake up one morning, and they're gone.  It's the same with paypal.  Every day I logon, wondering, is this the day when suddenly my account is frozen again.  The company has alienated countless top level sellers through their practices, and we're just another on the list.  

Our account was again frozen two days ago, this time, on the basis of the new IRS regulations (all U.S. Paypal account holders must submit Tax ID and Social Security numbers).  Problem is, we're not U.S. citizens, residents, or bound by US tax laws (we're actually Canadians, operating our online business out of Japan).  Just as Americans do not pay their taxes to a government in JapanCanadaTaiwan, or... say, Nigeria...  by the same token, we are not bound by US tax laws.  We pay taxes in our countries, and we do not have any tax ID or SSN's.  Paypal doesn't seem to get this, and our account again is frozen.

This time, and with the volume of business we do on eBay (over 200,000 products listed), we will no longer submit to Paypal.  We will study this site carefully and implement an alternate to Paypal, and instruct our massive established client base, to begin utilizing this "fresh, new" alternative to the "old" way of paying (Paypal).  We thank you in advance for all your work and help with this site...  


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