PayPals Fraud Detection Is Crap


Paypal say on their website that they can detect fraud before it happens- Thats totally false - because it took them 2 months to detect a possible fraud happening to me! Paypal just ripped over 15k out of my account as chargebacks after I sent the goods. they also took another 11k because they thought it was suspicious! Furthermore they reversed a withdrawal and in turn gave it back to me in a lesser currency, thus taking a further $400 from me and freezing up my account. Further more I am charged for the charge backs!!!! I have been an honest seller for over 6 years, I am on the phone with them everyday and they just contradict every word that they all say! Finally, the only way that I can see how they are investigating is through a court order. They tell me they have several teams working on this one. Not on the side of the honest obviously!


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