PayPal Verification Impossible


They keep limiting account and asking for 50 different questions some include the last 30 transactions it seems they want every parcel you sent no matter how small £3 items included to be tracked recorded delivery, it would cost me more to send then to make but until they have every small detail they will keep your money on hold for 180 days and keep account limited (impossible task) but this is just one of the issues there are ENDLESS more which i dont want to go into too much detail over as there wont be enough space why is there the need to be so impossibly difficult to deal with, once 180 days are up same aggravation all over again you got to do this do that all in all they scam you, they con you, they STEAL FROM YOU i bet they sleep like a baby at night too thinking they are in the right and think about ways how to spend all that money they have just stolen from you, WHY HAVE THE POLICE OR AUTHORITIES NOT SHUT THESE BASTARDS DOWN


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