PayPal They Are Anything But Friendly

Complained to paypal when a wedding dress purchaced  for my daughters wedding arrived from a site that appeared to be a uk based site turned out to be in china. The dress arrived and was substandard. When we looked on line the terms and conditions did not meet with uk legislation. We contacted paypal and explained everything to them. We sat back and awaited paypals judgement only to hear from them several weeks later that they did not support our claim. When we contacted them they said they sent us an email requesting further information and because we had not replied they had ended the complaint. We state that we had not recieved an email from them and asked what further information they required. The info they said they requested was the same as we had already provided. We asked them to reopen the case but they refused. I found their attitude abrupt agressive and offensive. Beware of paypal they are anything but friendly


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