PayPal Sided With Seller


I have been an eBay buyer for over ten yrs. I have a 100% positive feedback.
I recently bought a jacket for 219.99 and 10.00 shipping. The color wasn't red. It was rust. Seller sent me an email in the Spirit of Xmas they would refund if I sent jacket back minus shipping. Sent jacket back in same box it arrived in. Jacket was new and in mint condition. Seller lied to PayPal, and told them the jacket had an oil stain on it. Paypal sided with the seller, and seller got both the jacket, and my $219.99. I will never shop eBay again. I am very upset, that Paypal people were so rude when i called, and wouldn't even consider that logically, why would I send a damaged jacket back to the seller if I was trying to receive a refund from them? None of it made since. I think PayPal employee was in cahoots with this lieing sack of shit seller. I even offered to take a lie detector. PayPal just laughed. They didn't really care I'm out that kind of money. PAX upon them and their business!!!


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