Paypal Screwed Hurricane Victim


Dear Mr Nayar,
Consider this my good bye.

I have had so many issues with your "service" over the years and this is the straw that broke the camels back. In a recent issue I had with your company, I was given fraudulent back charges by a customer of mine who saw an opportunity to screw me over. My family and I were caught in hurricane Irene and our home was destroyed. So when PayPal asked for that pesky little tracking number and paperwork from the post office, I had no other thing to say but.. " It's gone... along with my home, my bed, my studio and my life as I knew it." The customer in question knew of this, knew it was mailed out.. and decided.. to back charge the full amount of what he had purchased. He knew full well I had no way to defend myself, and PayPal.. you sided with him. To the tune of 3k .. when I am now in a financial situation that leaves me close to homeless. He took advantage of me and you backed him up saying " We have to protect the buyer". What about protecting the seller? What about protecting
the small business? What about maybe researching the guy just a little bit and understanding that maybe.. I the humble artist.. am not a thief or a cheat.
Your "service" even allowed me to be defrauded for 500$ When someone hacked into my account and made a ton of small purchases. Of course I called and said " Can we stop this?", your customer service team ACTUALLY TOLD ME " Well we don't do anything for purchases under 20$ dollars. I was in shock.
After what your company did with Something Awful and Regretsy I am now fully aware of what kind of people you are. And I will be canceling my PayPal as soon as I get my money out of your greedy little hands.
I have worked with men like you before, and you make me sick.

Enjoy your karma.


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