PayPal Robbed Me


I recently sold a tanning sunbed and was paid through paypal thinking i was safe. The sunbed was delivered and installed over 200 miles from my home and the buyer was very pleased after getting a 4 year old sunbed costing £7k for £1500.Then he started to get fussy, wants a headpillow, then a new tube, then a new Perspex. Next thing he starts a dispute on paypal. My account was frozen, the funds held and finally the dispute goes in the buyers favor. The condition of the refund was that the buyer provides tracking information for the return of the sunbed by November 25th 2011.On November 24th the case was closed and a full refund sent to the buyer. When i contacted paypal they said the buyer provided a letter to say no courier firm would carry the sunbed due to a broken fluorescent light tube, they said the buyer was refunded and i was on my own, great customer service or what?I am now chasing the buyer through the courts.Be warned sellers, paypal will drop you like a brick in your hour of need. Cash on delivery from now on.....


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