PayPal Reversed Payment For Car

I advertised a car for sale on ebay and it was sold on a buy it now the first day. the buyer paid the money into my account immediately and messaged to say that they would collect next day. 3 guys came to collect it and all seemed well. approx. 1 month later paypal contacted me to say that the money for the car would be taken from me because the payment was made on a stolen card, so i had no choice but to returned the money. this money had already gone to pay for another car. they demanded the money back straight away and told me that as the car hadn't been' delivered' i was in no way covered by them for the value of my car. so i rang the police. they found the car two weeks later with no road tax so promptly crushed it! they then wanted the impound fees and crush charges! after a load of letters and lots of stress i lost my car and also the money. Gutted. thanks paypal.


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