PayPal Refunded Non Refundable Deposit


My Dispute with paypal is about a Vehicle deposit that i received on my car from a buyer, the amount was $2000. the buyer was trying to sell his 2 cars so that he can complete the sale with me i did not know that how ever 30 days goes by while i was holding the car for him he suddenly stop the payment with paypal and paypal refund him and i got stuck with holding the car for him for over 30days i missed the best car sale time and paypal did not care, i explained to paypal that this is a car deposit which usually are none refundable if the buyer change his mind on the sale, i kept my end of the sale buy  removing the car from the market  he on the other hand changed his mind and basically screwed my with the help of paypal, i had about $1000 in my paypal account that they took and now they coming after me for the rest and placing me on a collection agency, i send many latter to paypal and basicly told them that how can they do that they don't care, paypal put me on a collection agency for money that they never lend me or advanced me, this deposit was my money to began with. what right they have to refund on my behalf.


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