PayPal Refund Problem


I have used a pre pay card from Walmart for into the thousands of dollars of purchases via pay-pal from eBay items.
I bought 3 items that were all crap and was given a refund, that would be money in my situation that comes back to me and the items were sent back to the seller as well.
Now the funds have made it into pay-pal 2 times and they just default it back to a prepay card that I have been forced to cancel due to the pre pay card allowing debits from the card I had nothing to do with making but they were planning on recovering I suppose as I reloaded the card?
However I canceled the card due to that situation, and now I am trying to arrange my refund and they are saying they have no way to refund that money but they did tell me once they could by way of check for a charge of $1.50 and that is not a problem.
But getting them to provide that service now I am being stonewalled and the will not provide any information for where they say the money was sent and accepted, further more somehow they have 2 pay pal accounts on file one being a sellers account that I never have set up or even remotely cared to have!
I don't know how or why that came up my thoughts are to provide a sellers account that maybe they are entitled to run a credit check to see if I may be a person they can bully around because of poor credit? I don't F$%^& Know but I am tired of the long phone calls and months now trying to get the refund owed to me!
So if this looks familiar and any class actions are pending I want in for sure?
Thank You Sincerely and yes Pay Pal and eBay suck David

Thanks for the alternatives
Paypal Hater


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