PayPal Punish The Innocent


Dear sir,madam
I currently had a pay pal account with no issues what’s so ever which i use to purchase ebay items and which i use to pay for my upload credit on my movie site. I bought my pc a few mths back off my nephew. Within a week i recieved an email saying pay pal had closed my account which i was devastated by.I asked for an explanation why this had happened. I was told that somebody on my ip had used multiple accounts which i didn’t really understand. I explained that i had bought the pc off my nephew and was told the multiple accounts came from my computer which i insisted it wasn’t me i don’t even know how to use multiple accounts. Pay pal was not interested at all in my opinion or to appeal against this decision and told me i had now been banned. Iam so upset by this how can this be done to me iam totally innocent in this matter. I now cannot use ebay or my movie site which i have had to close. Somebody’s stupidity as now cost me my pay pal account iam so devastated have a disabled son who loves his movies and now thanks to pay pal he cannot watch them.Please can this matter be resolved i feel i have been unjustified by pay pal and treat badly.So this now means nobody can use my computer via pay pal if they do they will to have their account closed. Many thanks Sallyann


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