PayPal Password Problems


A few years ago I set up a paypal account to make a purchase on Ebay. I haven't touched the account since. Today I needed the account again to make a transaction. Of course, I have long since forgotten the password I used. No biggie, I thought, figuring I would ask for a reset and be on my happy way. Much to my dismay, I needed to provide the credit card number that I had originally used several years back. Naturally, I don't have such information. Online helped proved futile and getting a phone number was difficult since the page I was directed to was "unavailable". Eventually I was able to get to a human being. This proved even less helpful. I was asked over and over again to provide that credit card number. Since I had told them several times that I have long since closed whatever accounts I had back then (glories of divorce), I DID NOT have said info. I even offered to tell them in other languages. Asking for a manager was the most futile thing ever. He was less helpful, still did not get the concept that I did not have info. He became verbally abusive and yelled at me to get the information. Needless to say, it seems that I will never have access to that account again.


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