Paypal Makes Everything So Difficult


After FINALLY getting a customer service rep on the phone I explained to him that I would like to make a payment of $15.49 for merchandise that I had purchased via my visa card. He informed me that paypal does not accept credit cards to be used for online payments. He said that I could make an over the phone payment but I would be charge an extra $15 to make the transaction. I told him that a $15 charge on a $15 purchase was highway robbery and defeats the purpose of shopping online to "get a good deal". I asked him if my due date could be moved to the end of the month so that I would be able to use my bank account when my check was deposited. He said they are no longer allowed to adjust due date as stated by some nazi government credit card division. I then asked what the late penalty would be on my $15.49 purchase if I had to wait until the end of the month for my money to deposit (I'm a full-time student and that's when my loan deposits. I'm not a welfare check junkie). He informed me that a late fee would be $15.49 on top of the $15.49 that I am trying to pay for my purchase. How is this legal and why can't paypal be like everyone else and accept a credit card payment online? I'm beginning to reconsider my need for paypal seeing as they have horrible customer service and make it so difficult to be able to make a simple payment


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