PayPal Made False Promises


I contacted both Ebay and PayPal on Friday to discuss their rules and regulations because I have a slight disability that makes reading comprehension difficult. I let them both know that I sold my football E-tickets on Ebay for 800 dollars and I explained to them both that I had sent the tickets via email to the PayPal verified email address. I expressed concern that the buyer was new on Ebay and I had heard that you should beware of new buyers. Both Ebay and Paypal reassured me that I did everything correctly and not to worry. If they had explained to me that tickets sent via email were not covered under seller protection, I would have contacted Ticketmaster and had my tickets reissued and then over nighted my tickets so I would have had a tracking number and I would have been "protected". Instead I was reassured that I did everything correctly. Today is Tuesday and the tickets were for last Sunday, I am now being told that the buyer committed fraud and because I sent them through email, I am out of pocket the 500 I paid for the tickets. I am a mother of two children and that money needs to be applied toward their expenses and monthly bills!!  Although all calls were recorded, Ebay and Paypal are both denying any kind of responsibility for their customer representatives providing incorrect information. I am the little guy and that money makes all the difference to my family. I trusted ebay and paypal and now I am paying for it!!


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