PayPal Lost A Good Customer


PayPal screwed me bad. I was new to PayPal and didn't know about this silly chargeback feature so I sold some online gold (silly thing to do, I know). I managed to sell it for $130 and was all I needed because it took me ages to earn. So, after it was sold I had it for around 5 hours until I had a message saying "Paypal- We are looking into dispute #9322342342342342342342. My heart sank and I really needed this money too. I called PayPal and their customer service was worse than the indian call centres. They said there was nothing they could do and closed the phone. I tried an appeal which failed, and to top all of this, my account turned to limited so I couldn't even buy anything that I may wanted to! PayPal lost one good customer. Next time, use Google Checkout, Western Union, a merchant account or something like that.


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