PayPal Is The Only Winner

My account was backcharged and eventually sent to collections because of a "lost" international shipment. PayPal did not even allow me an opportunity to discuss the details prior to refunding 100% of the sale & shipping. I have been selling on eBay to cover lost wages & cannot afford to have funds arbitrarily backcharged against my account. Two months of the last year, my PayPal account was also charged monthly seller fees for an Australian company and BOTH times, I was forced to prove that I am not the Australian company (in Seattle?). It seems that after the first time it happened, they would see the issue and not let it happen again. Wrong. Two months later, the same thing. I was out the money until I proved it was not me. Really? They make countless errors with MY money and then decide I have made an error so penalize me again. It seems that PayPal is the only person in this equasion that is ALWAYS able to walk away with all of their funds (and mine).


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