PayPal Is Such A Hassle


To name but a few -
A bank that charges you, to recieve your money, which they then use,is wrong.
Paypal, give you 'nothing' they just take, and constantly seem to be in charge of EVERYTHING. I feel a strong lack of control over 'my money'.
E-cheques take ages, what are they anyway?
I consistently have a problem with the powers that be at Ebay & Paypal, and the way of working it out is always long winded and never simple. Its all emails, which is frustrating, when you have business to conduct with others. You try your best to be a good, reliable seller, but the 2 afformentioned, often make it very difficult for you to achieve this. I end up having to take on board their 'slow to resolve' issues and have to message my buyers with 'lame' stories, because I am unsure whats 'clearly' going on. The messages you get from ebay or Payapl are never simple & straight forward.


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