PayPal Is So Flawed


Im a powerseller that sells tickets on Ebay, and alot of them are PDF file Electronic tickets sent by E-mail instead of hard tickets, which is the only way sometimes when an event or show is a day or so away. A buyer purchased tickets from me, they had 0 feedback, they paid and I sent them the tickets through E-mail, they Emailed me back giving me confirmation they recieved them. Day after the event, the buyer files an " unauthorized payment". Basically using Paypals flawed system and taking full advantage of it, to get free tickets and their money back. Faxed and Emailed Paypal all Email confirmation of getting tickets as well as the Emails with tickets attached and tickets themselves.Paypal did NOTHING and ruled in favor of the buyer and reversed it so Im out everything. To a buyer with 0 feedback and 0 credibility.


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