PayPal Is Playing With Our Money

Been with paypal and ebay for a year. first 9 mos. not much going on. The last three months we have achieved top rated power seller. From the start paypal and ebay put limits on us, which we quickly met and exceeded. at which time paypal lifted the holds and up the amount that we could process .this was when our ebay rating was about 25.with in 20-30 days as our volume skyrocketed compared to previous months paypal jammed our account, every transaction is put on hold for 21 days and even then we must call and walk them threw the process of clearing our money in our bank account. when we call and we have several times trying to free up this account, we don’t hear that we haven’t sold enough we are now hearing that our profits are not high enough. What do they know about my profits i asked and then it wasn’t profit it was the total amounts and what we sell is the problem. we are told that the items we sell are risky (collectables) and that we need to sell over 500,000 like the big chain stores before they release our money. Well why is this not plainly spelled out in their terms and agreement. We have 100% positive feedback and zero complaints. We are feed up with them and the way they play with our monies. I am in the process of replacing them as a payment option on ebay and put in our own merchant credit card account and considering possible paypal alternatives .i suggest that if you have experienced the same don’t sit back and take it make your move it will make a difference.


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