PayPal Is Pissing Me Off


I am so angry with paypal and the ebay buyer that is trying to scam me. At the end of 2011, I decided to sell a few things on ebay after house cleaning. I sold an item, shipped it off to another state in my country (Australia) via regular post (which does not come with tracking service). 2 weeks later after posting it, the buyer claims that he never received it and lodged a complaint immediately (without even contacting me). I know it was incredibly stupid of me to not have applied for postage insurance - I was a newbie to ebay and figured that an item around $150 wasn't worth all the fuss - worst decision in my life so far!. Paypal has now deducted all the funds from my account (I literally had $5 to begin with - now it's NEGATIVE $145), I am left with no item and I feel scammed! I have sold more expensive items on ebay and this has never happened to me before despite not buying insurance - yes, I was lucky. What makes me feel suspicious about the buyer is that he filed the complaint before even contacting me via message. Not sure if this is common, but I feel the more rational thing to do is to contact the seller to ask why this is the case and then file a complaint if issue remains unresolved. 

I have not found paypal to be useful at all - as it charges me interest and if it wasn't because of purchasing things on ebay, I would not use the god damn thing anyway. However, my dad really likes how fast, safe and convenient it is and wants me to refund the buyer. Currently, I do not have enough funds in my bank account to refund the full amount. Will paypal freeze my account if I do not immediately make up for the negative amount? I feel so angry about the situation. 

Thanks so much for reading this. Please help




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