PayPal Is Not The Way To Go


After my recent experience I have decided that PayPal is a horrible method for paying for goods. They have a monopolistic system with eBay in which they are the only accepted payment method, and they double dip into the sales of sellers by charging eBay fees and PayPal fees. I recently had all my funds put on a 21 days hold from whatever date they come in and I was informed of this with less than three hours left in most of my auctions so I could not end them and sell elsewhere. I ham a 5 year eBay and PayPal member with 4 years selling and no negative feedback. What more do I need to prove to them? It took me two hours on the phone with four different representatives to get my funds released, in which time I was denied the right to speak to a higher up, hung up on, lied to, and ridiculed.


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