PayPal Is Not Secure


On Dec 22, I received one message from PayPal indicating my purchase to zzz company went through, and eu 39 would be charged to my account. I did not make that purchase. Nor did I make the additional 3 that I didn't receive an email verifying them.
I called fraud immediately, and was put on hold for too long. Rep recommended changing password. There was some concern on the fraud rep's part, but not enough that 4 transactions should warrant.
And, there was no concern when one of the transactions was reversed after I changed my password. PayPay said, "not to worry. They have an excellent fraud dept."

2 days later I receive a message that funds have been reversed since I nullified my billing agreement with the seller. Point 1: I did not have an agreement with seller, the perpetrator did. Point 2: I can't nullify an agreement I did not make.
When I AGAIN called Paypal fraud, I received a round-about response.

BOTTOM LINE: I have lost my confidence in PayPal's security even though they sent me 2 copies of their form email, taunting their great security procedure.


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