PayPal Is Not Safe For Sellers


Hello, here is short info, which explains why Paypal is the most unsafe payment for every seller and my story to warn sellers all around the world.
1 Buyer can open Paypal dispute in any moment, also after delivery of package, even if on online tracking webpage in his/her country is given information that package was delivered.
2 In the moment of opening dispute Paypal will block money immediately.
3 Buyer can open such type of Paypal dispute like she /he wants
what means that he/she can always open not received item dispute.
4 Buyer can wrote in dispute message everything he/she wants,
some examples: item was incomplete, there was less items in package than he/she purchased, item differs from description or photos and so on...
5 Dispute messages are not reviewed by anyone before changing dispute into a claim.
6 Any dispute can be changed into a claim after 48 hours and after this action seller is not able to reply for buyer's messages more.
7 The only action taken by Paypal after changing dispute into a claim
is to contact with buyer to confirm delivery of package. Customer service
do not take to note any explanation, any information given by seller.
How it looks in practice: Here is sample
On eBay auction I listed 2 japanese doujinshi. In auction title were written their titles and author.
In description were written their titles, publication's dates, author's name, subject, book's dimensions, condition, short info explaining what's a doujinshi and information that there're 2 volumes published by the same author.
In description were presented: scans of both cover's (front & back) of few scans of pages.
In auction was noted that returns were not accepted
(to exclude situation that someone buys doujinshi,
reads it or scans it and sends it back asking for refund).
These 2 doujinshi have been exhibited together only in order to reduce shipping costs and to avoid questions about combined shipping. They're not any set. One was not a continuation of second and vice versa. The content of each was a completely separate story. They were published in different years and originally they were sold separately.
The only binding elements were the same author and the two main characters, just like in case of Christie's crime fictions about Poirot.
Items were bought by buyer from Italy.
Having few negative feedbacks in eBay profile she didn't ask if she could bid,
which condition was clearly noted in auction.
Auction was in seller's local currency.
After purchase buyer insisted on Paypal payment in her local curruency.
After offering buyer a possibility to pay in euro buyer paid.
On next day registered package with 2 doujinshi was sent to buyer.
Because on auction there're 2 doujinshi before opening an auction on eBay
they were packed together in one transparent bag LDPE to check their total weight estimate postage and bag was sealed with cellotape.
After this being packed together they simply awaited for sell and shipping.
Before shipping contents of package was 3 times checked because auction was paid by Paypal and it was obvious that if buyer wouldn't received one of items, she could immediately open Paypal dispute and money could be blocked by Paypal.  Besides financial loss due dispute on Paypal buyer could immediately leave also negative feedback on eBay,
first negative feedback ever. I sell not more that 1-4 items in month and I have much time to check everything every time.
ON 19 NOVEMBER AFTER PACKAGE'S DELIVERY, BUYER OPENED NOT RECEIVED ITEM DISPUTE. In dispute message buyer wrote that she had received only 1 doujinshi, she hadn't received 3 doujinshi and on auction were 4 doujinshi, 2 series of 2 pieces and on photos were 4 doujinshi.
She hadn't written title of received doujinshi or titles of 3 doujinshi she had not received (as she asserted). She had not ask to send her lacking items.
I explained buyer that auction was for only for 2 doujishi not 4 like she asserted. Being absolutely certain that in package were shipped out 2 doujinshi and having in past had bad experiences with Italian Post (negligence, violations of international postal regulations) at first I thought that someone could steal 1 of 2 doujinshi.
I suggested that package could be opened before delivery and it will be needed to make claim at post office.
I requested buyer to send me photos of this 1 doujinshi, which as she asserted she received and scan of declaration written handily and personally signed in which she would certified which doujinshi she received.

Buyer didn't send nor photos nor scan of declaration.
She replied that package was perfectly sealed and by presenting images of front and back covers I wanted to deceive her that on auction were 4 doujishi. She wrote also that I made mistake and I sent her only 1 doujinshi. Again she didn't ask to sent her lacking item.
She didn't allow me post reply, posting next message in which she maintained: that she had received only 1 doujinshi (without giving its title), that envelope was completely secured with cellotape, that nobody from Italian Post would have no reason to steal 1 doujinshi, that I'm thief, who intentionaly sent her 1 doujinshi, that I wanted to cheat her presenting on auction 4 doujinshi, that doujinshi listed on auction made set, that this set is now incomplete, that received doujinshi is worthless and that's way she claims full refund. She escalated dispute into claim leaving me without any possibility to reply on her false statement.
To buyer were sent 2 doujinshi. I would not have any interest in sending only 1 doujinshi to buyer because it was clear that immediately after receiving the shipment she could open Paypal dispute resulting in blockade of money.
I would also risk the possibility of receiving negative comment, the first negative comment ever.
Arguments given by buyer proves that firstly buyer hadn't read items description because in description was clearly stated that on auction were 2 doujinshi (no word about any 2 series of 2 pieces) and she hadn't any right or ground to expect 4 doujinshi in package, secondly buyer hadn't read terms of sell, where was noted that every buyer is obliged to read description and placing any bid means that bidder read, understood and accepted description and terms of sell. Additionally she wasn't interested in receiving of this doujinshi she declared as not received. Even more she didn't wanted to write its title, like she would be afraid that if by chance I would own one more piece of  each doujinshi I could send her this, which she would mention as lacking and she wouldn't have a reason to claim refund of money.
It looks like that after receiving package with 2 doujinshi instead of expected 4 doujinshi buyer finally read the description. Then she convinced herself that she received all 2 items which were offered on auction and she hadn't got a possibility to withdraw from transaction, because returns were not accepted. This meant, in fact, that she could financially compensate herself her own mistake only by opening a dispute / claim on Paypal. So she had done this and I am without 2 doujinshi and without money.
Since such stories becomes more and more often and scammers all around the world use them like a guide to make free purchases online, there's only one solution: DO NOT ACCEPT PAYPAL


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