Paypal Is Holding My Funds Hostage

Paypal is holding my funds hostage! Not too long ago, Paypal made funds available right away so that you could use these funds to ship your item and do what you want with them. Then, without notice, you had to provide a confirmation number and wait a couple of days to have your money available. NOW, you have to wait until the package is delivered and then wait 3 additional business days in order to have your funds available. This is not acceptable. If there was a way to sell things on eBay without using Paypal, I would do it without hesitation. They do not take care of the customer by upsetting everyone and they know they could get away with it every time because there is nothing we could do about it. If there is a lawsuit that I could pursue, I will find it. I'm done with Paypal and Ebay.


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