PayPal Is Holding My Funds


I don't have a horror story to rival the others I've just been a seller with paypal for the last 2-3 years and suddenly paypal has been holding all of my funds and I was told that my account was flagged. Now I'm not even selling hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise a month and have had 100% positive feedback and When I inquired as to why I was my money was being held even though the people have received the items and left feedback and its still past the date I should have received funds I'm continuously told that they would need to Investigate. And yet my funds still aren't being released and I am getting the run around. For some reason they will not tell me why I am being flagged. I just hate that I have sent out my product the people have paid and I out of a product and out of my money and paypal doesn't seem to have any answers. 


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