PayPal Is Holding My Cash


I just received an email from PayPal dated December 1st notifying me that they had reviewed my account (Bull S%#T) and are going to hold funds paid to me for 21 days in case a buyer has an issue. Well are you now??? No you are not..... I no longer use PayPal, from now on I will accept personal checks and the buyer can wait until their check clears to receive the item or Craigslist it and not deal with these creeps at all. I'm not a merchant either if I have 2 or 3 transactions a year that's a lot, and I'm usually the buyer. I have 100% Positive Feedback. What I am going to do is file a complaint with the better business bureau, and the FTC (Because Ebay owns PayPal it seems to be always included as a payment method) and I bet they won't post your auction if you say you don't take PayPal. (They looked at Microsoft for that over not being able to un-install IE didn't they?) My State representatives are going to get a very thoroughly prepared brief on why PayPal should be strictly regulated and I will include a draft of that prospective legislation just to make it easy for them. I can't believe there isn't a class action already. It is my sincere hope that the blowback from this absolutely STUPID decision on the part of Ebay and their Subsidiary PayPal hurts their bottom line severely. While you're stewing, get to know these folks and try to shoot them an email or 100,000 or so


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