PayPal Has Put My Funds On Hold


Paypal has put a hold on my funds for 30 days due to below standard shipping on eBay. I have 273 positive feedback remarks with 80 percent saying fast shipping, shipped as promised, great prices etc. in 13 months i have had 1 negative comment due to a china plate that arrived to buyer with a chip in it . We offered a full refund but the buyer wanted to keep it anyway and then gave us a negative feedback remark. ( some people you just cant please) anyway our positive feedback percentage is 98.7% . We stopped using ebay to buy our shipping lables one and a half months ago and wouldn’t you know we all of the sudden have below standard in shipping which justify's a hold on our account according to ebay and paypal. when i asked for documentation ebay informed me it was the " STAR " system and they don’t provide that information to sellers even though they are hold my money . Now get this ... all buyers have received their purchases and all buyers have sent positive feedback yet ebay and paypal wont release my funds and refuse to provide any proof  of negative feedback. Im done with ebay and paypal and their lheir than ethical business practices.  HOLD MY MONEY FOR 30 DAYS and im supposed to take their word for it. I DONT THINK SO. 


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