PayPal Harassment And Threats


I am a 68 Y.O. 100% disabled Viet-Nam era vet that has received harassing phone calls from Paypal since mid-October on a daily basis including week-ends about 3 times per day starting about 8:15 AM and into the evening.  I was out of the country from September 11th to October 12th. On the 12th of September Paypal sent me an email saying there was a dispute filed over a $2,030 item and I had 10 days according to company policy to respond.  Of course I wasn't here to defend myself and the buyer had exceeded the time limit for a return (I have over 2600 auctions with a 100% customer satisfaction).  So Paypal refunded the money asking the buyer to return the item which he didn't ever do.  The refund should have not taken place until the buyer provided proof that the item had been mailed--also company policy.  The calls from Paypal demanding payment began as soon as I returned.  I filed a complaint with the U.S. Attorney General saying my constitutional rights of defending myself was violated.  I also filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau in Paypal's hometown and received a watered-down response from Paypal. They have threatened me with outside collection, bad credit rating, and general threats at various times.  I've asked them not to call my home, but the calls continue.  Part of my disability is PTSD with uncontrolled anger, suicide ideation and homocidality so this could have a tragic ending if they don't leave me alone.  I am willing to travel a good distance from my home in Texas to eliminate the source of my anxiety. Does anyone have any ideas on how to stop these calls and get Paypal off my back?  I asked them to reopen the case and got the stock reply--against company policy.  They say I have to contact the buyer to get my item back even though they refunded prematurely and is their error.  I'm getting very angry and my wife is becoming upset knowing what can happen...


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