PayPal Froze My Account


PayPal Froze my account saying that there was a similar account like mine.. Weird not using my bank accounts they said no.. They checked my SSN and said no.. So what are the Similarities and they said they could not give out any further information without a subpoena.. But all the things i said to them they stated the other account did not use.. I am not selling on the account just buying... Looks like E-bay lost a valuable customer because i will not send a money order and Credit card information i wont give out this way.. And Paypal wont budge to help me while i am able willing to help them in anyway with the matter.. F- Them.. Pee off at another money maker thing through the internet.. I also was very helpful when someone hacked in other account 3 years ago.. Long story but i did help them.. A-Butts...


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